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Sclerosing Adnexal Carcinoma of Nose

Sclerosing-Adnexal-Carcinoma-of-Nose-Skin-Cancer-And-Reconstructive-Surgery-Foundation-1 Sclerosing Adnexal Carcinoma of Nose Skin Cancer


74-year-old man presented in June 2017 with 2-month history of scabbing of the left nose. A biopsy performed 5/11/17 revealed sclerosing carcinoma of left nose. The lesion is an 8mm plaque at the base of the left nasal ala. Mohs and reconstruction are being planned.


The histology of the sclerosing carcinoma is presented here. There is a possibility that this is a sclerosing adnexal carcinoma as the tumor cells are crowding around the adnexal elements of the skin and less so at the epidermal layer. The desmoplastic response around the strands of tumor cells extending deeper suggests a potentially aggressive carcinoma. Clinical assessment of the lesion needs to be made to plan treatment. Possibility of extensive involvement needs to be assessed in patients with these pathologies.