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SCARS Foundation's research department publishes original investigations and case reports in peer-review journals.

The Skin Cancer Bulletin, Winter 2024

The Skin Cancer Connection, Summer 2021

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Superior Extended Nasal Myocutaneous Island Flap: An Alternative to Forehead Flap Reconstruction of the Nose

Published Online

Medium and large nasal defects are mostly addressed with paramedian forehead flap reconstruction. The superior extended nasal myocutaneous island (SENMI) flap offers an alternative that can be single stage and can avoid a gross deformity.

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Myomucosal Lip Island Flap for Reconstruction of Small to Medium Lower Lip Defects

Published Online

Reconstruction of small to medium lower lip defects commonly includes mucosal advancement and wedge excision with primary closure, resulting in aesthetic complications such as lip flattening, shortening, and loss of the vermilion roll. The myomucosal lip island flap offers an alternative that preserves lower lip appearance and function.

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JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery: Use of Lateral Extended Nasal Island Flap for Nasal Reconstruction


Small and medium nasal defects of the nose have been treated mostly with local skin flaps and skin grafts producing variable aesthetic outcomes. The lateral extended nasal island (LENI) myocutaneous flap provides a reliable single-stage reconstruction for small to medium nasal defects, including those in the nasal tip, with excellent cosmetic results.

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JAAD Case Reports: Delayed treatment of endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma initially diagnosed as a chalazion

Published Online: 29 August 2019

Endocrine mucin–producing sweat gland carcinoma (EMPSGC) is a slow-growing, rare variant of mucinous carcinoma most commonly presenting on the eyelid.12 Its rarity, inflammatory characteristics, and slow-growing nature all increase the risk of misdiagnosis.2 We present a case of a EMPSGC initially diagnosed as a chalazion. Conservative treatment was attempted on multiple occasions and over an extended period, despite a lack of clinical response. This treatment caused a delay in diagnosis and appropriate treatment for this rare malignant lesion. Our case illustrates EMPSGC as a lesion that can masquerade as a chalazion or hordeolum.

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