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Sensory Symptoms with Skin Cancers

HISTORY A 68-year-old woman presented with left cheek radiating, shooting pains in the area of biopsy proven  basal cell carcinoma. The neuralgia symptoms radiated to the nose, eye, and temple. MRI of the face was non-contributory. Mohs excision was performed by the dermatologist. Additional margin wide local excision was performed at the reconstructive procedure. Patient…

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Nose Reconstruction 7

Patient diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma of left nose and cheek. Mohs surgery performed by primary dermatologist. Nose reconstruction performed by Dr. Simon Madorksy at SCARS Center.                

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Nose Reconstruction 1

Patient diagnosed with Basosquamous Carcinoma of right nose. Mohs surgery performed by Dr. Matthew Goodman at SCARS Center. Nose reconstruction performed by Dr. Simon Madorsky at SCARS Center.       

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