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Nasal Skin Graft Revision with Flaps

HISTORY The patient presented for scar revision 8 months after Mohs excision of BCC of the nose and closure with an ear skin graft, performed elsewhere. Patient presents for correction of the atrophic erythematous skin graft scar. The patient was treated with two signature flaps of the SCARS Center developed for nasal reconstruction. DISCUSSION The…

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Upper-Lip-Reconstruction_Myocutaneous-Island-Flap_1monthpost (1)

Myocutaneous Island Flap – Upper Lip Reconstruction

Mohs excision of upper lip philtrum squamous cell carcinoma left a subtotal lip defect. Bilateral nasolabial fold myocutaneous island advancement flaps were used to successfully rebuild the functional and aesthetic upper lip.  The flaps utilized the outer circumference of orbicularis oris to rebuild the muscular continuity of this large defect. Complete oral competence was restored…

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