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65-year-old man with a history of BCC presented with a 4-year history of growing inflamed rhinophyma. First rhinophyma excision was done on 04-01-2013. Recurrence of rhinophyma resulted in the second excision and nasal planing procedure on 06-16-17. Pathology showed no evidence of malignancy.


Our approach to rhinophyma is based on sculpting of the nose with size 10 and 15 blades. This technique is very slow and meticulous to optimize control of the excision depth. The nose is divided into sections and each section is resected separately as a unit. Each unit is approached from two to three sides meeting in the center of the specimen. Mepitel silicone dressing is used postoperatively for 1 week. Complete epithelialization takes 10 – 14 days. The specimens are submitted for histology evaluation.