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Calvarial Invasion of scalp SCC

HISTORY 72-year-old man presents with an ulcerating skin lesion on the right scalp. In March 2013, a biopsy showed pleomorphic sarcoma and the histologic differential diagnosis included atypical fibroxanthoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma. In May 2013, Mohs excision and additional resection of the outer table of the calvarium was completed. In April 2016, a new…

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Osteoradionecrosis of Skull

HISTORY 85-year-old man presented in 4/2016 with a 4 month history of a nonhealing scalp wound following excision of melanoma, radiation, and two failed skin grafts. Patient was treated with serial outer table of calvarium debridements – 4/2016, 7/2016, 11/2016. Patient had a consultation with UCI team for full thickness calvarial resection and microvascular reconstruction.…

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Scalp Radiation for High Risk Skin Cancer – The Perils and the Perfect Storm

At the last SCARS Tumor Conference, we presented a 66 year old “Perfect Storm” patient with scalp lesions. He exhibited three critical characteristics: 1. extensive scarring by multiple dermatologic procedures required for the many skin cancers of his scalp – field cancerization effect 2. tissue hypoperfusion (smoker, peripheral vascular disease) 3. medical co-morbidities (CAD, advanced…

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