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Temporoparietal Fasciocutaneous Island Flap for Forehead and Anterior Scalp Reconstruction

ABSTRACT Background: Forehead and anterior scalp large defect reconstruction is challenging and often requires skin grafting. Objective: To measure the advancing distance and the survival of the temporoparietal fascia (TPF) island flap in forehead and anterior scalp reconstruction. Methods: The study design was a retrospective case series. Participants included all patients who had undergone TPF island flap for…

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HISTORY 33-year-old woman presents with 3-year history of slowly growing nasal tip lesion biopsied as a trichoepithelioma. Mohs excision was performed creating a 0.6 cm defect. It was reconstructed with a lateral nasal island flap. DISCUSSION Trichoepithelioma is a benign basaloid follicular neoplasm (arising from a pilosebaceous unit). Its basal cell proliferation is differentiated from…

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Nose Reconstruction 7

Patient diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma of left nose and cheek. Mohs surgery performed by primary dermatologist. Nose reconstruction performed by Dr. Simon Madorksy at SCARS Center.                

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3SCARS-Center-Reconstructive Cases-Extended-Lateral-Nasal-Island-Flap-skin-cancer-nose (2)


Discussion Here we present three cases of extended lateral nasal island flap. These flaps are based on the branches of angular artery that include alar artery and the lateral nasal arteries. The flap is an excellent way of reconstructing nasal tip, dorsum and ala defects up to 1.5 cm in diameter. The release of the…

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Discussion This month’s reconstructive case series addresses a small alar island flap for reconstruction of smaller defects of the ala. The alar island flap is based on lateral nasal artery and alar artery arising from the angular artery of the face. Wide release of the flap is necessary both in subcutaneous plane and in submuscular plane separating if…

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Myocutaneous Island Flap – Upper Lip Reconstruction

Mohs excision of upper lip philtrum squamous cell carcinoma left a subtotal lip defect. Bilateral nasolabial fold myocutaneous island advancement flaps were used to successfully rebuild the functional and aesthetic upper lip.  The flaps utilized the outer circumference of orbicularis oris to rebuild the muscular continuity of this large defect. Complete oral competence was restored…

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