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Cerclage Closure Technique

HISTORY A 50 y/o patient presents with a 3 year h/o right cheek growing lesion biopsied by outside office on 11/8/21 showing atypical lentiginous melanocytic proliferation. Incisional biopsy of right malar cheek done on 11/18/21 showing severely atypical lentiginous junctional melanocytic hyperplasia with margins involved. Excision and reconstruction with cerclage of right malar cheek severe…

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Upper Chest BCC PNI

HISTORY 53-year-old man presents with a 4-year-history of BCC of upper chest.  The tumor measured 12 cm x 6 cm. Wide local excision with 1 cm margins on 11/10/2017 found clear margins and perineural invasion. The nerves up to 0.23 mm were involved by tumor. The final defect was 13.5 cm x 8.3 cm.  …

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Lower Leg Wound Treatment At Scars Center

Lower Leg Wound Dehiscence

HISTORY 74-year-old man presents with BCC of left lower leg treated with Mohs excision and closure on 2-27-18. Patient presented 5 days post closure with wound dehiscence. Cutimed wound sponge dressing was used for wound management.  Debridement was performed 3-16-18. Plan is for closure with matrix xenograft.       DISCUSSION Lower leg wound dehiscence…

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