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Nasal Skin Graft Revision with Flaps

HISTORY The patient presented for scar revision 8 months after Mohs excision of BCC of the nose and closure with an ear skin graft, performed elsewhere. Patient presents for correction of the atrophic erythematous skin graft scar. The patient was treated with two signature flaps of the SCARS Center developed for nasal reconstruction. DISCUSSION The…

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Recurrent SCC of Nasal Tip

HISTORY 71-year-old man presents with recurrence of SCC of left nose. Mohs excision of left nasal tip SCC was performed on 2-9-17. Left nasal fullness under flap, initially thought to be a scar, progressed until drainage appeared. Pathology of draining debris under flap showed invasive squamous cell carcinoma.  Intranasal mapping biopsies were performed on 2-12-18.…

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3SCARS-Center-Reconstructive Cases-Extended-Lateral-Nasal-Island-Flap-skin-cancer-nose (2)


Discussion Here we present three cases of extended lateral nasal island flap. These flaps are based on the branches of angular artery that include alar artery and the lateral nasal arteries. The flap is an excellent way of reconstructing nasal tip, dorsum and ala defects up to 1.5 cm in diameter. The release of the…

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