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SCARS-CENTER-Right-Medial-Canthus-Basal-Cell-Carcinoma-Skin-Cancer-Eyelid (2)


SMAS Fasciocutaneous Island flap used to reconstruct the parotid and facial defect. HISTORY 79 year old man presented in 3/2017 with basal cell carcinoma of the right ear involving the parotid and the tragal cartilage. 3 levels of Mohs were done without clear margins. Mapping biopsies were performed on 3/20/17 showing metatypical basal cell carcinoma…

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Perineural Invasion

Perineural invasion is strongly indicative of aggressive behavior and risk of metastases. True perineural invasion requires histologic finding of cancer invasion of the nerve or cancer invasion of the epineurium adjacent to the nerve.  This must be distinguished from cancer near a nerve, cancer encompassing a nerve, and perineural inflammation. Cancer cells within the nerve…

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