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Eyelid Reconstruction 4

Patient diagnosed with 0.8 mm invasive melanoma with involved deep margins. Mohs surgery performed by Dr. Matthew Goodman at SCARS Center. Eyelid reconstruction performed by Dr. Simon Madorsky at SCARS Center.  

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Eyelid Reconstruction 3

Patient diagnosed with BCCa on lower right eyelid. Eyelid reconstruction with upper eyelid tarsal conjuntival flap and right postauricular full-thickness skin graft completed by Dr. Simon Madorsky at SCARS Center.  

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Eyelid Reconstruction 2

Patient diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma, well differentiated, keratoacanthomatous type on lower left eyelid. Eyelid reconstruction by Dr. Simon Madorsky at SCARS Center.  

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Twice Recurrent Upper Eyelid SCC

HISTORY 53-year-old man presents with a recurrent upper eyelid induration and margin retraction for 3 months. Punch biopsy confirmed squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) recurrence. The first SCC excision with frozen sections and reconstruction was done 12-17-13 elsewhere. Subsequently, the eyelid was treated with LN2 in 2014 for surface AK. Carcinoma recurred at the lid margin…

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HISTORY 61-year-old woman presents with several year history of pigmented left cheek and lower lid lesion.  She was initially treated with liquid nitrogen 15 months ago. A biopsy was performed 6-8-17 and revealed melanoma in situ. Excision with close margins performed 6-16-17. Clear margins found on LPMG reading. Second opinion from UCSD was suspicious for…

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Eyelid Reconstruction Treatment at Scars Center

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction – Tarsoconjunctival Flap

Mohs excision of right lower eyelid basal cell carcinoma left a full thickness lid defect. The reconstruction utilized superiorly based tarsoconjunctival transposition flap, local eyelid skin rotation flap, and right postauricular full-thickness skin graft. This procedure closes the eye for the 2 weeks until the release of the flap is performed. This procedure is necessary…

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